Too much technology

May 18th, 2010Posted by Steve


What is this site about?, Its fundamental purpose is to see what is actually possible programming the internet today. There are many subjects, Ajax, Silverlight, communication in general all with their particular advantages and problems. Even down to the programming language there is a plethora of those too, my particular language of choice being c#, but every language is as good as the next and only as good as the programmer that uses it, the key is to know your subject and know it well. As with many subjects there is an easy and a hard way of doing things, my particular philosophy is "how hard can it be?", if it seems hard then the chances are I am doing it wrong and need to go back to basics. The simplest solution by far is always "read the manual", you can surf around the internet all day and most often you will find some sort of solution, however 90% of the solutions you find out there, are some sort of hack and many times involve making the same fundamental mistakes, just because you can do it, doesn't necessarily mean you should or it is the best way. The Internet is the biggest photocopying machine in the world and bad ideas seem to propagate at lightning speed, copied from one blog to another. Copy and paste these ideas at your peril, one small bug rapidly compounds into two, then three and before you know it your program is out of control.

So be original and innovative, work things out for yourself you will benefit more in the long run,

happy coding.