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"This isn’t a typical “carrel” that many casinos offer to horse racing bettors. The CrystalBetting Terminal has a 27-inch touchscreen monitor that shows both the games and live odds. There are different configurations for the screen to show more odds or more of the game."

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"IGT debuted their CrystalBetting Terminal for In-Play sports betting at G2E this year. In-Play bets happen while a game is being played. While this type of wagering dominates Europe, it’s still just getting started in the United States."

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"The most notable was a new sports betting terminal by IGT that is currently only in use at a Mississippi casino."

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We live in uncertain times
It is far too easy to wait in anticipation for when the doors are flung open once more, easy to imagine the clamoring crowds awaiting eagerly and ready with their dollar bills in hand. This however is very unlikely to occur and may come as a shock to many casino operators. There will be no immediate return to normality, no return to business as usual, the public being not only unwilling financially but lacking the confidence to take a step into a world besieged by social distancing. When emerging from this tunnel of uncertainty the casinos and machine manufacturers will no longer be able to rest upon their laurels and need to embrace technology to the fullest and not just token gestures with cellphone apps here and there. No longer can the machine companies be satisfied to offer the latest machine which reflects the latest current cultural trends or Hollywood star. What is needed is a complete paradigm shift with new innovative ideas wresting themselves from the traditional shackles of dogma and the old guard. However, all is not lost and the lockdown should be seen as an opportunity to launch into an entirely different emerging world with optimism. If the new market is socially connected then so must be the machines and casinos or risk falling into the abyss further alienating the current generation. The myriad of opportunities offered by the socially connected public seem to have been completely missed by the operators and manufacturers in a relentless drive for a new somewhat mediocre, same old, same old machine with maybe just a different theme. The question is who will be the first to take that step?
Posted by Steve SmithApr 11, 2020 @ 04:38