“Imagination is everything, it is the preview of life's coming attractions.”

“Software abstraction is the elimination of the irrelevant and the amplification of the essential."

"Physics is becoming too difficult for the physicists."


Experience in most areas of technology, whether it be web or desktop, including hardware and software.

HTML, Javascript and many of the frameworks, jquery, bootstrap, I am no stranger to the web. If its a stand-alone application you are after then look no further.

Server side and communication protocols, from TCP/IP and REST to native sockets, with security and encryption included if desired.

Database architecture, programming, server installation, replication and redundancy, SQL stored procedures, triggers and T-SQL.

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Software Development

Both local and server software, windows and web services on the Microsoft platform, primarily focused upon c# and SqlServer databases

Web Development

Bootstrap, JQuery, Javascript and server side development inclding Webservices, Rest, TCP/IP, Sockets and most communication protocols

Responsive Design

Extensive work in web development allowing for the creation of responsive and load balanced websites using the latest technology.


Wide range of experience in many areas of software development, permitting the adaption of new ideas extremely quickly.



International Game Technology

Stand alone Sports/Race software

Paramount Studios

Paramount Studios

Star Trek site "The Journey Home"

Microsoft Media


Compressed video chop program

Rand Corporation

Rand Corporation

Interactive mathematics program


Toyota North America

New car launch video website



Main website with promotional channels



Shortest path routing software



Telephone conferencing software


Los Angeles Lakers

Lakers locker room website


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The Lines

"IGT debuted their CrystalBetting Terminal for In-Play sports betting at G2E this year. In-Play bets happen while a game is being played. While this type of wagering dominates Europe, it’s still just getting started in the United States."

Play USA

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Legal Sports Betting